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Tourism is more than travelling and consumption; it has great potential when it comes to culture, nature, knowledge and personal experiences. Travelling is a way to learn and improve oneself, to enrich one’s vision and improve mutual understanding.

INCULTUM (Visiting the margins INnovative CULtural ToUrisM in European peripheries) is a three years innovation action funded by the European Union under the Horizon 2020 Programme, with the goal to explore the challenges and to unlock the potential of under-rated destinations when managed by local communities and stakeholders.

Key features of the INCULTUM Innovation Action


An interdisciplinary group of 15 partners including academia, municipalities and SMEs from 10 European countries


Innovation in the 10 pilot cases from 9 European countries: Algarve, Altiplano de Granada, Banska Bystrica, Bibracte-Morvan, Garfagnana, Ireland, Monti di Trapani, Sweden, Vjosa/Aoos Valley


The INCULTUM Policy Toolbox: policy briefs, think papers and recommendations regarding instruments for participatory models


Collection and analysis of data about cultural tourism, urban and regional development


Economic activities, service providers, administrations, cultural institutions, residents and tourists support the implementation of bottom-up strategies


A network of projects and initiatives in the areas of cultural tourism and cultural heritage

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