Public deliverables

D1.2Mid-term public report
This deliverable is the public version of the mid-term report on project activities and results.
D1.4Final public report
This deliverable is the public version of the final report on project activities and final results.
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D2.1INCULTUM online presence
This deliverable describes the INCULTUM website, including the public website and the reserved area for partners. The website is structured as a portal, consisting of various sections dedicated to the communication of the project’s actions.
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D2.3Report on dissemination and communication
This deliverable summarises the dissemination and communication activities and their main achievements, both at pilot level and at project’s level.
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The book will be published as Open Access and will explore the context of change, the innovation potential and the role of cultural tourism in European social, cultural and economic development, with a specific address to policy makers, programme owners and CH managers.
D3.2Intermediate findings presentation
It presents findings from before the pilot phases for destinations where innovative approaches are introduced and for control destinations (the counterfactual).
D3.3Findings analysis report
It reports on the analysis of findings from the pilot, elaborating on the short- to medium-term effects of the pilot phase, and outcomes for the analysis of the findings.
D3.4Data Management Plan final version
This deliverable includes the final list of datasets produced in the project, their sharing policies, formats used and preservation measures, where apply, all made available as Open Data, along with an extensive catalogue of metadata describing the data collection process and each of the variables
D4.1Report on participatory models
Report on participatory models contains robust overview of participatory models; comparison of participatory models in Europe and beyond; the selection of participatory models suitable for cultural tourism and their implementation through pilot actions; and good practice recommendation for integration of participatory models in cultural tourism.
D4.2Policy brief on sustainable tourism
First Policy brief on sustainable tourism concept, marginal areas and marginal heritage, methodologies and innovatives approaches to achieve positive social, economic, cultural and environmental impacts.
D4.3Report from the Brussels’ policy workshop and round table
Report from the policy workshop and the Brussels’ round table containing the main findings and outcomes regarding the major drivers and barriers that account for the success or failure of participatory models. Report Concludes relevant policy recommendations or measures to be considered by preparing an evaluation framework for participatory models.
D4.5Policy outputs
The report includes a policy brief and two think papers. The document will be focussed on participatory models and sustainable cultural tourism and on synergies among participatory models, innovative tools and policies, and it will be supported by demonstrative cases (mainly WP5 cases) and connected with impact (WP7) and Structural Investment Funds policies.
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D5.1Intermediate Pilots report
An intermediate brief report about pilots activities, highlighting commonalities and differences among the various pilots and key aspects of each case, including a first evaluation of the work done with a special focus on the methodologies applied in order to foster methods transfer among pilots and the sharing of best practices.
D5.2Final Pilots report
Building upon the D5.1, the final report will include a complete evaluation of the work done with a special focus on lessons learnt and the produced impact against the expected impact and KPI.
D6.1INCULTUM training portal
The deliverable describes the section of the project’s website dedicated to the training portal. The portal provides access to the training resources, and in particular to the following topics: community management to plan sustainable tourism destinations; best practices for socio-economic local development; strategies for social branding. The portal contains links to the outputs of the other WPs and tasks. The deliverable illustrates how the online material is organised in order to fulfil the training needs of multiple targets, namely: students, researchers, policy makers and more specifically local stakeholders (including local administrations, tourism operators and tourism specialists).
D6.2Guidelines on the use of European Structural and Investment Funds
The deliverable is provided in the form of a webinar, accessible through the project’s website under the training portal. The Guidelines will provide hints and instructions for the re-use of the experiences that have been gathered in the pilots, as well as other resources related to critical review of the effectiveness of regional development policies and instruments.
D6.3INCULTUM network
This deliverable documents the results of activities for the creation of an INCULTUM network to attract endorsement; establish relationships to leverage in the future; and starting a multiplier effect, in order to endorse and to feed the effort into
stakeholders’ consultation.
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D7.1Stakeholders map
This deliverable presents the preliminary results of stakeholders mapping activity. The map will be a “living” document and will be updated during the entire life of the project. The deliverable is the first complete draft map.
D7.3Updated plan for the impact, evaluation and exploitation of results
This deliverable contains the crucial updated version of the Impact, evaluation and exploitation plan, elabo-rated on the basis of continuous tracking of the effectiveness of the activities and, crucially, the feed-back from the midterm