Data Workshop: measuring the impact of cultural tourism

Online event, 3rd March 2022

organized by University of Southern Denmark, Chair: Karol J. Borowiecki

INCULTUM project successfully delivered its first public event, in the framework of the research conducted based on data analysis. The results of this work are expected to provide insights on how to design effective and sustainable cultural policy and to facilitate the mapping of good practices.

In INCULTUM, different types of data are collected and analysed on various dimensions of cultural tourism, urban and regional development. A wide selection of socio-economic indicators is used for this purpose. The collected data are then analysed in order to convincingly establish the relationship between each of the innovative approaches to urban and regional development and cultural tourism. Econometric approaches are used with a particular focus on identification of causal relationship, as opposed to just a correlation. The project explores also in depth the mechanisms (i.e. the channels) through which an intervention works on development.

The morning session of the Data Workshop was reserved to project partners only. During the session data samples sourced from the Pilots were analysed and discussed with the WP Leader. A public session with keynote speakers followed.

Chair: Karol Jan Borowiecki – WP Leader, University of Southern Denmark

Antonella Fresa – INCULTUM Network Coordinator, Promoter S.r.l.

– Introduction to INCULTUM project – (PDF)

Keynote Speakers:

Trilce Navarrete – Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam (read bio)

Cultural statistics to evidence societal and economic impact – (VIEW)

Enrico Bertacchini – University of Torino (read bio)

– Challenges of data analytics strategies for tourism in peripheral areas – (PDF)


Carsten Jacob Humlebæk, Copenhagen Business School

– Building a strong tourism value proposition – (PDF)

Sara Mitchell, University of Southern Denmark

– Data planning, monitoring, and evaluation for cultural tourism – (PDF)

In the Youtube Playlist below all the video recordings from the event can be viewed:


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