Policy Development

Murales in Granada, photo by Pietro Masi, CC-BY-SA

This activity is led by Matej Bel University.

Policy recommendations

The reasons for participatory models in tourism development are widely accepted as a criterion for sustainable tourism. Participatory models tend to move away from top-down one-way decision-making in order to balance the power between all parties to promote a win-win situation in tourism development.

INCULTUM dedicates a specific project activity that directly responds to Agenda 2030 and Sustainable Development Goals, namely Goals 8, 12 and 14 on inclusive and sustainable economic growth, sustainable consumption and production and the sustainable use of oceans and marine resources. In addition, the work aims to contribute to SDG 11 Sustainable cities and communities, while strengthening directly several targets and indicators.

The project activity, led by UMB with participation of all the INCULTUM partners, is oriented towards connectivity between policies, participatory models and innovative tools.

In particular the objectives of this activity are:

  • to identify different types of participatory models, thereby focusing on positions of the involved actors and the coordination mechanisms that are used predominantly in cultural tourism and re-usable in pilot actions
  • to identify and compare relevant drivers and barriers that account for the success or failure of participatory models
  • to assess the outcomes of participatory models that are based on co-creation of innovative tools in relation to the expected benefits for the involved stakeholders
  • to create and design a Policy Toolbox for Participatory Models in order to reflect drivers and barriers for different participatory models and evaluation framework for their assessment
  • to make policy recommendations leading to synergies between participatory models and innovative tools arrangements
  • to disseminate research results and policy recommendations among involved policy makers, local, regional, national and international stakeholders and within the academic community

Policy workshop and round table

Next to policy development, a major effort in this activity of the INCULTUM project has been the participation in the European-level Policy Workshop held in 2023, with the participation of the sister projects funded in the same EU call of Horizon 2020: Be.CULTOUR, TEXTOUR, SPOT, IMPACTOUR, Smart CulTour and, naturally, INCULTUM. The report of the workshop is publicly available

Download the D4.3 Report from the Brussels’ policy workshop and round table (PDF).

INCULTUM Policy Brief on Sustainable Tourism (September 2022)

The first version for the Policy Briefs aims at understanding context and challenges for innovatives approaches in tourism to achieve positive social, economic, cultural and environmental impacts.

Download the D4.2 Policy Brief (PDF).