Sicilian inland, photo by Pietro Masi, CC-BY-SA

INCULTUM innovation is experimented in a broad range of pilot cases across Europe with different geographical locations and a diversity of socio-economic contexts and cultural-natural heritage, with relevant cross-border significance.

Pilot cases are the places for INCULTUM:

  • to develop innovative strategies for a sustainable tourism development, together with stakeholders, local administrations and policy makers;
  • to foster bottom-up approaches for sustainable cultural tourism, focusing on hidden and undervalued potentialities usually not taken into account, and on the experience, learning and participation of visitors;
  • to promote cultural tourism based on living territories and communities, avoiding negative impacts of touristification by specific training and reinforcing local identities and social ties;
  • to evaluate the impact of the interventions on the social cohesion, local identity and various measures of life satisfaction in the local communities.

Through their communication activities, the INCULTUM Pilots call for the attention of multiple audiences and stakeholders about the actions carried out on their territories. A collection of communication guidelines is available for download, to support the local Pilot teams in the communication and dissemination of their initiatives (PDF).

A collection of posters have been created to promote the pilots of the INCULTUM initiative.

The Intermediate Pilot Report is available here for download (PDF).

Pilot sites

The project includes 10 pilot cases from 9 different countries covering a variety of geographical contexts:

  1. Spain
  2. Portugal
  3. Slovakia
  4. Italy (Trapani Mountains)
  5. Italy (Garfagnana Appennine)
  6. France
  7. Greece
  8. Albania
  9. Ireland
  10. Sweden

Five pilots have been expressely chosen to constitute two cross-border or cross-thematic cases:

  • Portugal/Spain/Italy-Sicily
  • Greece/Albania

Of course networking, cooperation and knowledge exchange is strongly promoted across all of the pilots.

For their selection, we have prioritised deprived, remote, peripheral and deindustrialized areas or cultural-natural heritage not usually taken into account.

All the pilots are based on existing studies with previous experiences in the selected areas, even if covering also other domains beyond cultural tourism. Consortium partners have already established contacts with local stakeholders, which pave the way to guarantee acceptance and participation of local initiatives, and finally INCULTUM success.

Pilot caseLocation
1Desert landscapes and oasisAltiplano de Granada
2Agrarian coastal plainCampina de Faro
3Mining treasures of Central SlovakiaBanska Bystrica and Central Slovakia
4Sicilian inlandMonti di Trapani
5Tuscan-Emilian ApenninesGarfagnana
6Bibracte-Morvan: ancient paths into the futureRegional park of Morvan
7Aoos, the shared riverAoos/Vjosa valley
8Vjosa, the shared riverVjosa/Aoos valley
9Historic GravesIreland
10Escape into the archipelago landscapeBaltic ocean and the great lakes of Sweden