Website: www.galelimos.it/

Role in the project: Leader of Pilot 4 Sicilian inland: Monti di Trapani

The G.A.L (Local Action Group) Elimos is a mixed public / private company that consists of 12 Municipalities and sixty companies and local associations such as: banks, Pro Loco, Associations category, sociocultural, environmental and consumer, which since 2011 has been carrying out interventions and initiatives in favor of the promotion of the territory and rural development. The twelve participating Municipalities are: Buseto Palizzolo, Calatafimi Segesta, Castellammare del Golfo, Custonaci, Erice, Favignana, Marsala, Pantelleria, San Vito Lo Capo, Trapani, Valderice, Vita. Within their own field, each has taken part in the implementation of coherent projects aimed at increasing the resources of the territory. All the Members and partners of the GAL Elimos are engaged in the promotion and construction of ideas aimed at qualifying the territory as sustainable, which enhances all endogenous resources, in order to create an internal homeostasis. Our initiatives are part of rural development and are reported in the Local Development Strategy (SSLTP) of the GAL Elimos called “Terre degli Elimi 2020”. The thematic areas that will be most closely addressed will be Sustainable tourism; Enhancement and management of environmental and natural resources; Social inclusion of specific disadvantaged and marginal groups.

The territory of GAL Elimos also consists of: SIC areas, SPA areas, nature reserves and natural areas of the Natura 2000 network. The setting up of the GAL has taken on the legal form of a limited liability mixed consortium company, in order to stimulate an harmonious endogenous development of rural areas, in particular through the improvement of the quality of life, the diversification of economic activities and the integration between different sectors. The decision-making structure of the GAL is structured as follows: shareholders’ meeting; board of directors. The technical structure of the GAL is composed of the following figures: the technical director; the coordinator and animator; secretary and the administrator. The Local Development Plan aims to enhance typical products, the environment and all endogenous resources and the networking of excellences for sustainable rural tourism. The main lines of intervention are: to promote interventions to enhance the areas belonging to the Natura 2000 network, in order to make them accessible through sustainable tourism activities; promoting organic agriculture and the application of good agricultural practices. With inter-territorial cooperation, the purpose is to enhance and spread the typical elements of the Mediterranean through a structured tourist offer and the promotion of typical Mediterranean diet products guaranteeing the quality of the products offered through certification. Transnational cooperation aims at enhancing tourism in the area through the creation / implementation of itineraries of Memory and Consciousness and the development of a Mediterranean offer shared on a transnational level. Finally, the purpose is to enhance the use of renewable sources with the creation of a European network of rural districts for renewable energy.

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