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Targets: public administrators, tourism professionals, cultural managers

In this section you can find outcomes, guidance, recommendations and good practices in the fields of cultural promotion of territories, tourism related promotion of cultural heritage, promotion and access to cultural heritage resources in the digital realm.

The following materials and links are collected from the stakeholders participating in the INCULTUM Network.

by ARCTUR d.o.o., Slovenia

Handbook for tourist destinations and cultural heritage institutions

Digital Innovation of Cultural Heritage (PDF)

by Be.CULTOUR, H2020 project

Webinar series about innovative approaches in the cultural tourism sector

Access here all the events in 2023 (link)

Link to the Interdisciplinary Research Centre for Education and Development of Universidade Lusófona

CIDATE: Citizen science in understanding and transforming the territory >>>

by Europeana Foundation, The Netherlands


by IMPACTOUR, H2020 project

Report on cultural tourism leading to sustainable economic and social development


by NEMO Network of European Museums Organizations

Report and model describing current heritage professions

CHARTER Alliance report (HTML) 

by Photoconsortium International Consortium for Photographic Heritage

Initiatives, tools and useful resources about access and educational reuse of digital cultural heritage contents available online

Photoconsortium Educational Portal >>>

by Réseau des Grands Sites de France

15 Inspiring Examples of Sustainable Tourism from European Destination Management Organization (2019)

Case study: Management of natural and cultural heritage, Jordan (2016)

World heritage cultural landscapes, a Handbook for conservation and management, UNESCO (2010)

by RURALIZATION, H2020 project

MOOC “Creating New Opportunities in Rural Areas”, 1 March – 12 April 2023

Enroll in EdX (link)

by RURITAGE, H2020 project

Regeneration of rural areas through heritage-led plans

RURITAGE Community-Based Methodology (PDF)

by SPOT H2020 project

Outcomes of a multi-national study conducted in 15 countries about the development of cultural tourism in Europe

SPOT Policy Briefs >>>